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The needs of your company are growing beyond the capabilities of your current WordPress Website?

No problem! Together we will build tailor-made digital solutions to prepare your company for the future!

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Image of Dominik Liss - WordPress Dev

Dominik Liss - WordPress Dev

Let's start with the small things...

Optimize workflows

Work Smarter not Harder

Usability optimizations in the WordPress backend, custom elements for your page builder, etc... you can always improve existing workflows.

In this case we want to find inefficiencies and eliminate them. You or your team need to make fewer clicks to get exactly the same result.

Automate processes

Focus on the important things.

Are you frustrated why your WordPress setup isn't doing some things by itself?

Do you work through long checklists of repetitive processes?

Then you can save time with automations and focus on the important things.

Connect your tools

Do you synchronize orders, inquiries or other data manually?

By integrating 3rd party APIs you can connect all your systems with each other. This saves you time and avoids errors when transferring data manually.

* With every API implementation, all GDPR guidelines are met and the page speed of your WordPress site will not decrease.

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With clear structures, we will get the fastest results.

No unnecessary meetings!

For this reason we will only hold strategy calls. Everything else we can just write to each other.

Project management in Trello

Once we start collaborating, you'll be invited to a private Trello board. There we will document everything and you will have an overview of the current progress.



First, we will define the current issues and goals in 1-2 discovery sessions. In these sessions we will also create a plan on how to solve the problems and achieve the goals.



The next step will be to implement the plan. Depending on your needs, we can introduce regular stand-up meetings or stay up-to-date via Trello.



Once we have solved all problems and achieved all goals, I can help you to solve future problems as well.

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Current projects

Project Search Plugin

Cooperation with Bart Stankiewicz (invidual)
Implementation of a complex search for multiple web portals
Custom WordPress 
4 Months

The client has already created an existing search using an all-in-one theme. Due to the increasing number of online portals, the current solution and the existing child theme were no longer scalable.

We developed the new solution in the form of a custom plugin. In addition, we have improved a lot of workflows and added a lot of automation.

Read the Project Story

Project tenfold

Cooperation with kraftwerk
Technical implementation of the design
Custom WordPress Theme (Gutenberg Editor)
3 Months

The main task when programming a custom WordPress theme was the pixel-perfect implementation of the design.

The challenges of the project were performance, clean HTML structure and good usability in the backend. That’s why we used the Gutenberg editor. However, the Gutenberg Editor brought its own challenges…

Read the Project Story

With tailor-made WordPress solutions you stay one step ahead of your competition!

Most WordPress websites use 3rd party WordPress plugins and themes. You can achieve a lot with those solutions in WordPress ... however you will only use the full potential of WordPress if you adapt it 100% to your internal processes and the needs of your customers.

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“... there was no issue that Dominik couldn’t solve for us.”

Nele Nikolaisen

Content Manager at tenfold Software GmbH

Company logo of tenfold

“Dominik is the ideal middle-man between the client and the technical implementation of the solution”

Omar Medani

Found & CEO of medani gmbh

 Company Logo of medani

“There are a lot of things which WordPress can’t offer us ... Dominik did all that for us.”

Michael Fux

CEO of Register-LEI

Company Logo of Register-LEI

“The cooperation with Dominik has always been to our complete satisfaction”

Max Reisinger

CEO of WP-Stars

Company Logo of WP-Stars

Digital power tools that will prepare your business for the future!

A user area / dashboard for your customers or an internal application for you and your employees to centrally manage data ... all of this can also be implemented with WordPress or added to WordPress. However, these power tools will only help your company if they are adapted to the processes and structures of your company.

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Image of Dominik Liss - WordPress Dev

Dominik Liss - WordPress Dev

Hello! I am pleased to meet you.

I'm Dominik and since 2016 I've been supporting companies as a freelancer by developing individual WordPress-based solutions.

In short, I help companies that are struggling to achieve their goals due to technical limitations and inefficiencies.

After my bachelor's degree in computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, I worked with web agencies and companies where I developed custom and long-lasting WordPress themes, plugins, API interfaces and WordPress-based web applications.

I also share my knowledge and experience on my YouTube channel.

My solutions are

  • Durable
  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Well thought-out
  • GDPR complient

What am I not doing?

  • Web Design
  • Content maintenance
  • eCommerce projects
  • Build websites with page builders
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Quality is very important to me personally. But since I'm a one-man-show, I can look after a maximum of 2-3 customers at the same time or I can only work on two larger projects a year. But the faster we get to know each other, the faster we will be able to prepare your company for the future!

I am pleased to meet you!

During the first consultation we will determine if we are a good match and if I am the right person to help your business.

Please send me an email with possible dates to A booking system is currently under construction.

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It's all about WordPress there. With tutorials you can learn how to solve WordPress problems yourself. You will also find very helpful project stories and interviews with experts from the digital industry. All the videos are in German though.

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Are you looking for a quick and solid solution to your WordPress problem?

Then you will surely find a step by step tutorial on my channel.


In the video podcast we decode the expertise, experience and secrets of the most interesting experts in the WordPress industry.

You will learn something new in every episode!


How do WordPress projects get done?

In these videos I present projects of my customers. So you can see in advance what a potential collaboration with me could look like.