Project Story
tenfold Project
Technical implementation of the design
Custom WordPress Theme (Gutenberg Editor)
3 Months


The tenfold project had a multi-stage blueprinting phase.

On the one hand there were workshops with the tenfold content team to summarize all requirements, improvements and wishes and on the other hand there were workshops regarding the design with the agency kraftwerk.



After the agency kraftwerk had finished the design, I started with the technical implementation.

We discussed the current progress at regular standup meetings.



We are currently only developing the theme further if necessary ... or we are expanding existing Gutenberg blocks and refining tracking events to better measure the success of the website.

What is definitely still on the agenda is the automation of registrations for the webinars. Here we will, for example, implement an interface for an existing API in the WordPress backend and connect it to the registration forms.

Video Overview (in German)

The challenges of the project were performance, clean HTML structure and good usability in the backend. That's why we used the Gutenberg editor. However, the Gutenberg Editor brought its own challanges...

Project goals and

Accurate implementation of the design

The primary goal was of course the precise implementation of the design of the website. The design was created by the agency kraftwerk as a Figma.

Unfortunately I can't share the figma file, but I can only say from my side that the feedback from kraftwerk was positive and that we had very few feedback loops. Even with the mobile version...

Good performance

The old website from tenfold did not do badly in the Google Pagespeed test. But to achieve really good scores, the fundamentals of the website need to be well thought out ... you can only achieve that with a custom theme. Then you can achieve even better values with optimization plugins.

That's why we chose Gutenberg. This is the new native block editor of WordPress and this editor is a lot faster than e.g. Elementor. In this case, we even achieved 99 points in the Google PageSpeed Score on the mobile versions of the landing pages.


Few plugins, native WordPress editor & clean code. In short, we have used as few 3rd party solutions as possible.

The next relaunch should only be necessary in a few years ... if at all. For this reason, we have avoided all unnecessary dependencies on 3rd party plugins in the project and I developed most of the features myself.

But there is no need to reinvent the wheel either... that's why we decided to use 3rd party plugins for larger features such as forms (Ninja Forms).

Easy & fast content editing

One of the biggest pain points of the old website was the cumbersome content editing in the backend. That took all the fun and a lot of time out of the content team's work.

On the new website, you can edit the individual subpages very easily and in a user-friendly manner via the backend in the Gutenberg editor. For a short demo, just watch the video above.

For more complex elements, I created custom Gutenberg blocks so that the content team is not restricted to the default Gutenberg blocks and can therefore create or edit the content as quickly as possible.

Optimize / automate workflows

Processes, processes & processes ... In joint workshops, we improved the most important processes of the content team. This saves the team a lot of time when creating and editing the content for the website.

I implemented the results of these sessions in the backend of the website. This includes such little things as e.g. templates. This means that you don't have to create a landing page for a new interface (tenfold products) from Scratch every time, but you can start with a usable basis and adapt it.

Menu items are generated automatically, content only has to be edited once and not in e.g. five different places etc. ... in the future we are also planning to implement an interface to automatically forward webinar registrations to the webinar system.

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